TRAINING METHODOLOGY COURSE: Techniques for correcting your athletes.

Un curso de Pep Marí

What you will learn in this course

  • Learn the sandwich technique.
  • Discover guidelines for correcting novice athletes.
  • Learn the guided discovery technique.
  • Discover guidelines for correcting experienced athletes.

Course description

Do you feel like your attempts to correct your athletes aren't yielding the results you'd like? This course offers you successful guidelines for coaches to correct their athletes in a way that accelerates their learning.

You'll learn to give technical instructions to your athletes based on their level of initiation, with the guidance of Pep Marí, who spent 28 seasons psychologically preparing thousands of elite athletes at the High-Performance Center (CAR) in Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona.

You'll be trained in the sandwich technique for correcting novice athletes and learn guided discovery for giving instructions to more advanced athletes. What Pep Marí will teach you in this online training is that correcting is asking questions. Transform your approach to making corrections and take a qualitative leap in your professional growth. Additionally, if you want to continue progressing in your understanding of psychological components in Pep's other course - Learning from champions - you'll discover the psychological determinants of performance, undoubtedly key for your success as a coach.

Who is this course for?

It's aimed at sports coaches.


No prior knowledge or specific materials are required, but a strong desire to learn how to correct athletes to help them improve quickly and effectively is necessary.