ANALYST COURSE: The Role of the Analyst in an Elite Club.

Un curso de Isidre Ramon Madir

What you will learn in this course

  • Meet the expert.
  • Learn how the analysis department of a top club is organised.
  • Learn what profile an analyst should have.
  • Learn the analysis of the own team: what it consists of and how it's done.

Course description

How many times have you had a teacher who has won everything?

Isidre Ramón Madir, analyst at FC Barcelona during the 'Luis Enrique' era, conquered everything from the FIFA Club World Cup to the UEFA Champions League, La Liga, and other domestic and continental competitions.

Yes, Isidre is your teacher, and he has won it all. This is your opportunity. With him, you will learn how an analysis department is organized in an elite club like FC Barcelona, something essential if you have ever considered this path. He will also educate you on the qualities, or rather, the profile an analyst should have to reach this level. Furthermore, with Isidre's guidance, you will discover how to analyze your own team, what it involves, and how it's done, including the tasks carried out before, during, and after the match. To conclude this exclusive training, Isidre will share some personal insights that will undoubtedly be of great value. It's an immersion into one of the most unknown - albeit mentioned - areas of professional football. Altogether, it's a great opportunity not only for those of you who are passionate about football but also for anyone involved in a team sport.

Who is this course for?

For any coach or player who wants to learn the work of analysis in a top team. The analyst, a great opportunity to reach the elite.


No specific materials required. Intermediate level.