Un curso de Manuel Pérez Lima

What you will learn in this course

  • Learn to build your future in refereeing.
  • Learn to consolidate your identity.
  • Learn to observe.
  • Learn to take control of a match.
  • Learn to control your emotions.
  • Learn balance.

Course description

In this online course, Pérez Lima meticulously dissects all aspects that revolve around the role of the referee. Beyond the regulations or technical aspects, the focus is on you as an individual. You will learn all the key elements needed to progress and establish yourself in refereeing, which undoubtedly can propel you to the highest levels. Pérez Lima will shape you as both a referee and a person, revealing the qualities you need while guiding you to build your future in refereeing, consolidate your identity, learn to observe more and listen less, take control of the match, manage your emotions, and strive for balance. It's a comprehensive training on refereeing that goes beyond what's found in books.

Who is this course for?

For anyone involved in or wishing to pursue refereeing. We recommend the course to anyone practicing any competitive sport, as it will uncover the key aspects surrounding the individual, making it a great course for empathizing and understanding the referee's perspective on our actions on the field. Although football is the main focus, the course is highly recommended for any other sport as well.


No specific materials required. Basic level.