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2023: The year of the goal into the top corner.

2023: The Year of the Goal into the Top Corner

As we close 2022 and step into 2023, we want to score our goal right into the top corner. The best way we must tell you what's coming is through our co-founders.

They speak to you with an open heart. Here's their message to celebrate the new year.

Lluís Casas and Xavi Guilà

New Year's Opening Message

Goosebumps! When we think about everything you've made us feel in 2022, we've already surpassed 1,500 students in just a couple of dozen months of existence.


2022 is already history (you see we like to get to the point), and now we're going for 2023.

Here we go.

We've predicted 2023 as the year of the goal into the top corner because we love challenges. Do you?

In life, we like the ball to end up where we aimed, right into the top corner. To achieve that, we believe two things are necessary:

  1. A lot of preparation! You'll find it at Vibliotec.

(Yes, we want to sell it to you with passion. Did you doubt that?)

  1. Not being afraid of success! Yes, as you read it, of success!

(We're not afraid of the consequences of triumph).

To finish, we'll give you three full spoilers.

Here we go.


You stand out, we win

More and more sports entities recognize the quality of Vibliotec; our certificates are valued. This makes us proud because it allows you to stand out. We will take specific actions to further improve our quality standards during 2023.


Conquering new worlds

In the two years we've been operating, we have managed to consolidate our presence in Europe, Latin America, and North America. It's not enough for us!

Knowledge is approaching new latitudes.

That's all we can reveal for now.


Quality Overload

We won't overwhelm you with novelties.

We continue with our commitment to quality, not volume. Volume will come on its own. So, stay tuned because we have some gems ready to see the light.

Farewell and Closing

We finish by wishing you to score your goal right into the top corner in this new year.

And don't hold back; suggest anything you want at:


We'll do what's in our hands!

By the way, before we go, get ready (now we'll sell again, pay attention!) for our annual subscription with unlimited access to all our courses. Here's the link: https://vibliotec.org/cursos/s...

Don't leave yet!

To thank you for your daring, before buying the subscription, use this code:


We've prepared a surprise discount worthy of 2023.

Let's celebrate!

A big hug,

Lluís and Xavi