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As is tradition with each new year, our co-founders address you with open hearts. Here is their message to celebrate the entry into the new year.

Opening message for the new year.

Pure adrenaline, with everything you've made us grow in this past 2023. Amazing!

2023 is now part of our history, and it's time to conquer 2024, which we've predicted as the year of the trampoline because we are ready to take a big leap.

To make wishes come true, at the very least, two things are required:

  • A lot of preparation!, which you'll acquire at Vibliotec.
  • Determination!, it's not about resolutions, it's about taking action.

As per our tradition, we're giving you a sneak peek at our three spoilers for 2024. Let's begin.


Recognition for your education

More and more public and private sports entities are recognizing the quality of Vibliotec. Our training is valued! This makes us proud because it enables you to advance your careers in sports. Just like in 2023, in this new year, we will expand our alliances and partnerships significantly so that you have even more recognition for the skills you acquire at Vibliotec. You can see a selection of our partners and alliances on the home page of our website.


The promised land

When we designed the Vibliotec project, one of the foundational objectives was to take Vibliotec to a very distinctive place in the world, a place we still can't reveal (we will soon), but we will reach it in 2024. The promised land will no longer be a promise. It's our year of the trampoline; we're going to take the big leap.


Sports and values

We strongly believe in sports as a tool for social transformation and want to contribute to it by creating quality content that aids in the development of values in sports and society. This will continue to be a priority in 2024.

Farewell and closing

We finish by wishing you to take your big leap in this new year. And don't hold back; suggest anything you want at contact@vibliotec.org. We'll do what we can!

By the way, before we go, if you want to start preparing now, we recommend our annual subscription with unlimited access to all our courses; here's the link: https://vibliotec.org/cursos/s...

Don't leave yet! To thank you for your boldness, before purchasing the subscription, use this code: AÑODELTRAMPOLIN

We've prepared a "surprise discount" in line with 2024; don't sleep on it; this discount ends on January 3, 2024, at 23:59.

Let's celebrate!

A huge hug,

Lluís Casas and Xavi Guilà

Co-founders of Vibliotec