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Become charismatic.

Become Charismatic

Having charisma is a highly valued quality because a charismatic person attracts and convinces others much more effectively.

This quality is fundamental in sports.

If you practice sports as a hobby, having charisma will make it easier for your friends to join you in the sports activity you enjoy, making your sports experience more enjoyable.

If you engage in competitive sports, charisma will provide you with an exceptional relationship with your teammates, turning you into a leader.

If you are a coach, you will need high doses of charisma to have your athletes follow you in everything you propose and work hard to reach their best version.

How do I become charismatic? Change your body language!

Three tips to change your body language and become charismatic:

  1. Move Slowly: Move slower than you usually do when using body gestures.
  2. Open Up: Open your body while speaking, open your arms; do not close them, or you'll shut yourself off from others.
  3. Ground Yourself: Connect to the ground, establish your presence, let them know you are present.

Practice these three simple elements every day in your life, and you'll see what happens.

Also, if you want to learn how to improve your communication skills, we recommend Jaume Martí Mora's course: Public Speaking Techniques.