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Cross jump.

Vibliotec is a sports project, teamwork is vital:

Teachers, community, and the professional team row together to ensure that Vibliotec's content, a cornerstone of the project, acts as a conduit for the entire community and achieves its goal of sharing high-quality knowledge.

Early this year, we said that 2024 would be the year of the trampoline, meaning it's time to jump. Therefore, new, and greater challenges are coming, as jumping is also about learning. Every jump requires rehearsal or preparation and a final execution.

The specific jump is nicknamed the "cross jump," and it's a complex somersault. It involves building bridges and sharing knowledge across cultures, a significant challenge.

The somersault consists of a triple spin, three languages that will join the Vibliotec community in 2024: Chinese, English, and Catalan, with many more to come.

But when we talk about "cross," it's for two important reasons. Not only will the platform be available in these languages, but the content will also be transversal, meaning it will cover multiple sports. This content will be recorded in the home country, allowing us to enjoy courses produced by experts from other countries locally.

You can now access Vibliotec and select the language for your platform navigation in the language of your choice. You'll also see that step by step, the courses will be offered with subtitles (Select language in the player by clicking the CC button), and some will soon be translated with the corresponding audio for each country.

Ready to learn from other cultures? We are! That's why we'll soon introduce the first course recorded in our studios in China, led by the champion Hong Jingjing. It's a specific course for women.

We hope and look forward to continuing to jump with you.

Thank you for being part of Vibliotec.

Lluís and Xavi