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"Win or lose? Our five pillars"

In challenging times for values in sports, where at the top of the survival pyramid, we have the win-at-all-costs mentality, at Vibliotec, we believe in winning, but not at any price, not in any way. Our pyramid of responsibility regarding winning or losing is based on 5 pillars or principles:

1- Win and let win, losing is a better learning experience than winning.

2- Win, but only if it brings you physical benefits (taking care of your body, good nutrition, pampering, protection, and the growth of your mental health).

3- The opponent is never an enemy, they are a companion on the journey in sports; with them, you will grow over the years. Respect them, whether they perform better or worse, value them as a person, and after years of competition, you will be friends in the battles of sports.

4- The referee is a mediator, a peacemaker, and an educator. Interact with them with respect, assistance, and assertive communication. They are never an excuse for defeat. They are the loneliest in sports.

5- Enjoy the journey, make your sports journey a construction of values that you can extrapolate into your everyday life and social interactions.

Thanks for reading us! ❤️