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Set-Piece Plays: The Art of Triumph.

Tactical preparation is the secret weapon of many coaches, and among these strategies, set-piece plays (SPP) emerge as a fundamental aspect for achieving glory. Set-piece plays offer opportunities to change the course of the game in the blink of an eye. But what makes set-piece preparation so vital? And how have some coaches transformed this seemingly mundane aspect of the game into a powerful tool for conquering championships?

The Art of Preparation:

At the heart of every successful set-piece play lies meticulous preparation. Dedicated coaches understand that success in these situations is not the result of chance but of meticulous planning and precise execution. Recent studies have shown that teams that invest significant time in set-piece preparation tend to have greater success in critical moments of the game (Smith et al., 2020). The key lies in repetition, variation, and adaptation: practicing different scenarios over and over, exploring alternative tactics, and adjusting in real-time according to game conditions.

Carles Cuadrat, a Great Example:

Carles Cuadrat, a professional football coach and Vibliotec professor, is also a renowned strategist who has demonstrated his mastery in preparing set-piece plays on several occasions. As a former assistant to Albert Roca at Bengaluru FC in the Indian Super League and later as head coach, Cuadrat has left an indelible mark on the team with his meticulous focus on tactics and preparation. Cuadrat clinched the Indian Super League title.

A notable example of Cuadrat's skill in set-piece plays occurred during the final of the Indian Super League in the 2018-2019 season. With the match tied in regulation time, Bengaluru FC earned a free kick in a dangerous position near the opponent's area. Cuadrat, known for his detailed game analysis, designed a rehearsed play that he had been perfecting in training. In a masterful move, the team executed the play perfectly, resulting in a crucial goal that allowed them to secure the victory and the title. This same year, he repeated the feat, this time leading East Bengal FC to win the Indian Cup.


According to data collected by various studies and football match analyses, approximately between 30% and 40% of goals in professional football originate from set-piece plays, underscoring their strategic importance in the game. This statistic varies slightly depending on the league, level of competition, and other factors, but overall, it highlights the relevance of set-piece plays in scoring goals and, consequently, in the final outcome of matches.

The Power of Innovation:

One of the most fascinating aspects of set-piece preparation is its constant evolution. Successful coaches are always looking for new ways to surprise their opponents and capitalize on the adversary's weaknesses. A great example illustrating how creativity and innovation can be powerful weapons


Mastering this art will enable one to decisively influence the outcome of a match and, ultimately, the destiny of a team. Set-piece play preparation is a reflection of a coach's unwavering commitment to excellence and victory.

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