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Reconnecting after the holidays.

After a holiday period, such as the Christmas break, members of any team take a few days off, creating a temporary distance. This break can be very positive, offering a chance to recharge.

However, upon returning, it can be useful and interesting to engage in exercises or activities that help everyone reconnect more quickly.

We suggest a list of 7 creative activities that are not directly related to your sport but will foster a strong connection:

  1. Trade Olympics: Competitions in non-sporting skills, such as cooking, juggling, solving puzzles, or engaging in creative activities.
  2. Olympic Games Day: Fun challenges using various sports that are not your own.
  3. Extreme Obstacle Race: Design a circuit with challenging obstacles involving jumps, crawling, and other physical tests.
  4. Colour Race: A race where participants are sprayed with coloured powders at different stations.
  5. Playground Games: Competitions in classic playground games like hopscotch, jump rope, or hide and seek.
  6. Food Competition: Cooking contests or tasting competitions with dishes prepared by team members.
  7. Themed Trivia Tournament: A trivia game with categories related to the team's interests and experiences.

Remember that the key in all these activities is to promote fun, camaraderie, and cooperation. Perhaps they will also inspire you to design a custom activity.