TRAINING METHODOLOGY COURSE: Optimize your playing model through tasks.

Un curso de Adolfo Abad Barrios

What you will learn in this course

  • Provide coaches with a tool to adjust workloads to the real needs of the footballers.
  • Make the most of tasks to optimize both collective and individual performance.
  • Develop a playing proposal that can be achieved through the level of tasks performed during training sessions.
  • Through the course, you'll be able to give meaning to your tasks, organize them, create new ones, modify them, time them, plan them, and choose the best task for each moment.

Course description

In this online course, Adolfo Abad will teach you that for him, "The task is the direct communication channel with the athlete and the team." You'll learn to see the task as the basic unit that, when well utilized, allows you to build the playing model you desire while shaping the athlete according to their needs and desires at all levels, whether they are coordinative, cognitive, or emotional structures.

Adolfo will also train you to use the task as the main tool to guide the team towards a common idea, to have an identity on which to sustain the system. By giving meaning to your tasks, you'll learn to choose the best task for each moment.

Who is this course for?

For coaches, assistant coaches, and physical trainers who are concerned about how to guide tasks and training sessions in coherence with their playing model and in line with the internal logic of football.


To take the course, you'll need a computer, internet access, and Microsoft PowerPoint software.