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AI: Benefits in Education.

I've always been fascinated by advancements, by technological evolution, from a very young age. At 20, I would browse the technology stores in the Maria Cristina area of Barcelona, a hub of technology in the 80s, back when mega stores like MediaMarkt didn't exist, nor did online stores like Amazon.

Soon after, for professional reasons, I began traveling annually to the NAB show in Las Vegas, where I would scout out the best technologies to be applied to sports, specifically those related to video.

I recall radical changes and evolutions, such as the shift from analog to digital video, from "analog boxes" like VHS or Beta to video mixers transitioning to hard drives and computers, to digital video.

The industry warned of the dangers, risks, and disadvantages of computers. Some companies at NAB, resistant to change, made efforts to stall with arguments against digital products:

"It's slow," "It crashes," "It's not secure," "Encrypted information that criminals could use," "It has no future," "It's a risk for the user, they could lose all their information."

Within a couple of years, they all disappeared, the analog industry vanished, giving way to the digital video revolution.

My work at that time was to filter the best high-performance video technologies, which were later installed in places like the CAR in Sant Cugat for national synchronized swimming or water polo teams, or in sports cities like FC Barcelona during the Guardiola or Luis Enrique era, all aimed at improving athlete performance through video analysis.

Returning to the evolutionary aspect of technology, it's true that two options were automatically born: the proper use or misuse of digital video, much like when kitchen knives were invented—99.9% of us use them for cooking, while others use them for darker purposes.

Today, we have a supposed new "technological enemy," AI (Artificial Intelligence), and there are both detractors and enthusiasts.

The reality is that technology, always the result of human creation, is a field that undeniably has brought humanity more benefits than problems. Digital video, in scientific or medical fields, has been vital, as in many other areas. However, its misuse has also fostered bad habits among unethical users.

Growing, learning, is a decision for each of us. Adapting to changes as well. Above all, whether we use this evolution for good or ill shapes our future, both individually and collectively, as humanity.

The example of the kitchen knife, once a technological advancement, is quite comparable.

At Vibliotec, we see AI as a unique opportunity to make excellent use of technology, to connect knowledge and share it among users worldwide.

An example of this is the course recorded in our studios in China, featuring the boxer Hong Jingjing entirely in Chinese.


AI enables us to offer the fantastic course to the entire Spanish-speaking Vibliotec community with 98% accuracy in translation, allowing us to learn from a Chinese champion, her methodologies, and the distinctive approaches to training.

Our mission is to share knowledge among different cultures and communities to learn from each other.

In conclusion, every technological innovation always generates suspicion, respect, and debate about its evolution.

You already know my opinion: use technology to enrich yourself with knowledge and new skills, seize new opportunities ethically and in the right direction to ethically grow your environment.

Those who misuse technology will do the same with a knife or any other material. It's not the technology but human sanity that's the most dangerous, and it's often lacking in the highest layers of leadership today. We need a shift towards proper use and direction at Vibliotec; we will bet on AI in that direction, for the use and enjoyment of our community.

You can comment on the article on LinkedIn, on our profile @Vibliotecofficial next Tuesday, where this article will be published exclusively for Vibliotec subscribers. I will personally respond to your concerns and questions about AI.

Thank you for reading.

Lluís Casas

Co fundador