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Silences that scream.

Silences that scream: the power of recognition

As you probably already know, in Vibliotec, we have several pillars essential to our corporation: solidarity, democratization of knowledge, and sport as a tool for social transformation through the transmission of values.

Today, we want to share a practice that will help you construct a value-based culture for all of you leading sports or work teams.

The practice we're sharing is called 'Silent Recognition,' and it will help foster gratitude and awareness of the efforts made by teammates.

The Power of Silent Recognition: Building Strong Teams

At the end of each training session, you should create a moment of silent recognition. During this moment of complete silence, team members express gratitude or recognition for a positive aspect of a teammate. Remember, they should remain silent during this process.

How It Works:

  1. Reflection Moment: At the end of the practice, the coach invites players to form a circle or remain in their places. The coach creates a brief moment of silence to set the right atmosphere. Once the silence is achieved, the coach asks them to express recognition to a teammate.
  2. Gesture or Signal: Each player, in silence, makes a discreet gesture or signal to show recognition to another team member. It could be a thumbs-up, a soft applause, a nod, a kneeling, a wave with arms, or even simple significant eye contact.
  3. Culture of Gratitude: Over time, this act becomes an integral part of the team's culture. Players learn to appreciate not only spectacular moments but also constant efforts and support from their teammates.

The Profound Impact of Silence:

  • Fosters Gratitude: Silent recognition fosters a deep sense of gratitude. Players learn to value their teammates' contributions in a way that goes beyond statistics or performance on the field; it's based on effort.
  • Strengthens Team Cohesion: This simple gesture strengthens bonds among players. It creates an invisible support network that extends far beyond the playing field, building a united team.
  • Promotes a Positive Environment: In a world often noisy and competitive, silent recognition offers a respite. It creates a space where positivity and camaraderie can flourish, even in the most challenging moments.

Leading by Example:

Coaches play a crucial role in leading by example. By incorporating silent recognition into the team's culture, they set a standard of mutual respect and appreciation.

This seemingly small act becomes a powerful tool for forging strong teams and cultivating an environment where each member feels valued.

In conclusion, silent recognition is a reminder that sometimes, the most impactful actions are those expressed without words. In the subtlety of silence, we find the power to build strong and lasting teams. By adopting this practice, teams not only improve on the field but also create an enriching sports experience that transcends beyond the scoreboard results.