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The game of values.

I share a brief reflection on training for life in the 21st century.

In this digital era of "me first," coaches should go beyond merely teaching game development. We are guides and character builders in a world that demands more than just physical skills or technical-tactical abilities.

Digital Challenges and the Coach's Role

Social media exerts pressure, individualism predominates, and younger generations succumb to it. This is where coaches come in. We're not just training for the next game; we're training for life. We are among the most valuable players in responding to screen pressure and the endless pursuit of individuality. We can positively influence.

Resonating Values: Adaptability and Digital Honesty

Values are evolving. Adaptability is now crucial, and digital honesty should be the new norm. Coaches are shaping individuals who will likely become leaders in our society. They need to understand not only how to score goals but also empathy, diversity, resilience, and much more.

Their commitment to sports, whether in recreational activities (sports as fun), preparation (training), or competition, opens the door for us to sculpt these key values in them, values that are likely not as accessible to work on in other environments such as family or school.

Let's reclaim sports as the forge of ethical heroes and heroines.

The 21st century doesn't just demand athletes. It requires future leaders of our society to become ethical heroes and heroines, and coaches can be one of the main architects in this formative work. We must understand that we are building not only winning teams but individuals who will face the future, and for the good of our society, they should know how to do it with the necessary ethics and courage.

In conclusion, coaching athletes is not limited to on-field performance. In the 21st century, sports more than ever become the game of values. Coaches must take on the leadership role in shaping not only athletes but ethical heroes and heroines to build a society that will need much more than victories on the scoreboard.

Xavi Guilà