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Today is "Sandwich" day: Empower formative performance

The correction and feedback technique known as the "sandwich technique" stands out as a powerful method to boost formative performance. For this reason, we recommend applying it to athletes in initiation stages. For more advanced or expert athletes, we will apply another technique, which we will dedicate an article to later.

At Vibliotec, we are aware of the highly positive impact of good correction by the coach towards their athletes, and vice versa; poor correction will have a very negative impact. Therefore, we created the course 'Techniques for Correcting Your Athletes' by Pep Marí, a real gem that we believe should be mandatory training for any coach.

In this article, we want to introduce you to one of the two techniques that Pep Marí teaches us, specifically the "Sandwich" technique, as we have emphasized, highly suitable in sports initiation stages. If this topic interests you, we recommend taking the next step and completing Pep's course; you won't regret it.

Let's discover how this technique can make the difference between mediocrity and greatness. The technique constructs the coach's message to their athlete in three phases, which we list below:

1. Praise (top layer of the sandwich):

Start your message very strong, celebrating your athlete's successes and creating a positive foundation for their growth.


- Example for a soccer player: "Juan, your ball skills are amazing! You are very important to the team."

2. Improvement or correction (sandwich filling):

Continue by addressing your athlete's improvement area with precision and future vision, guiding them to perfection.


- Example for the same soccer player: "Despite your skill, we will refine your decision-making so you can be even more lethal on the field."

3. Additional motivation (bottom layer of the sandwich):

Close your message with strength again, reminding them of their potential and motivating them to achieve new goals.


- Example of closing message for the same soccer player: "Your positive attitude is contagious; I'm sure you'll overcome any challenge that comes your way."

Long-term Implementation:

Integrate the "sandwich" technique into all your training sessions, apply it to all your athletes, vary and adapt your motivational messages to each person's needs until you see that it resonates with them. Not only will you be correcting your athletes very well, but at the same time, you will be promoting a culture of positive feedback for the continuous growth of your athletes.