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Minute of inspiration.

Minute of Inspiration: Elevating the Game, Nourishing the Soul

In this article, we continue sharing effective practices for instilling values in teams or athletes. We'll introduce you to the technique of the 'Minute of Inspiration.'

Discover how this brief interval not only enriches the training session but can also help transform the very essence of your athletes.

Unveiling the Minute of Inspiration:

In the fast-paced world of sports, where action is intense, and focus is key, dedicating a full minute (more than less) to inspiration may seem like a luxury. However, if you decide to apply this brief pause, you'll find that you are offering your athletes a reminder that greatness in sports goes beyond mere physical, technical, or tactical skills.

The 'Minute of Inspiration' is a moment that fuses the power of the spirit with the discipline of the team.

How It Works:

  1. Conscious Beginnings: Before diving into the whirlwind of training, the coach invites athletes to take a moment, one specific minute. This could be at the beginning of the training session, for example.
  2. Inspiring Injection: During that minute, the chosen person for the day (whether from the coaching staff or a player) shares (in a few seconds) content they find inspiring for their team. It could be a brief story of overcoming, a motivational quote, a mini video reflecting the team's values and competitive spirit, etc.
  3. Personal Reflection: In the remaining seconds of our inspiring minute, encourage the rest of the team members to reflect personally on the content shared by their teammate. How does it relate to their goals? How can they apply what was shared in the upcoming training session? etc.
  4. Renewed Focus: After the (more than less) minute of inspiration, the training session can kick off, and the entire team can be asked to reflect this inspiration in the work they are about to start. This brief pause of the 'Inspiring Minute' aims to have each athlete approach the action with a stronger and more resilient mindset.

The Profound Impact of the Minute of Inspiration:

  • Personalized Connection: This brief interval not only individually inspires your athletes but also creates a personal connection between team members and the shared purpose.
  • Sustainable Motivation: Throughout the training session, you can encourage athletes to turn to the inspiration received from their teammate during that minute, providing them with a constant source of motivation.
  • Resilience to Challenges: The minute of inspiration serves as a reminder of the resilience inherent in sports so that athletes can face challenges with a stronger and more optimistic mindset.

How to Implement the Minute of Inspiration:

  1. Variety of Stimuli: Encourage maintaining the freshness of the minute of inspiration by varying the content. Use quotes, motivational stories, inspiring videos, or any other wonder of your imaginative capacity.
  2. Participation: Each day you implement the 'Minute of Inspiration,' we advise that a different team member takes on this role. This will foster the responsibility of preparing the minute in all team members and demonstrate that each person on the team is important, as everyone will participate. It will also strengthen the team's connection.
  3. Alternate Athletes with Coaching Staff: Another tip is to alternate, for example, every three-quarters of players, a member of the coaching staff. It will make it more integral.

In conclusion, the "Minute of Inspiration" is more than a brief interval; it is a tool that can help you build a great team.